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Parasites: Forever Living Products for Parkinson Disease

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parasites and parkinson disease
Parkinson is a disease that affects the nervous system and is caused by reduction in the substance called dopamine, creating an imbalance with other substances (acetylcholine). This provokes confusion in the nerve impulses that control the muscles and produces oscillatory muscular movements (shaking) mainly in the hands and head. 

Symptoms: The symptoms of the disease are repeated involuntary circular movements in the hand and head, contractions, difficulty in speaking, stern facial expression and in some occasion loss of appetite.  

Causes: The causes of this kind of illness are not well known, however it is known that the lack of secretion of dopamine, simple organic chemical found in brain, by certain brain cells is one of them.

Suggested Treatment: Actually there is not an effective cure. Nevertheless, what helps to retard it and make it more bearable is an adequate diet. Physicians knowledgeable in this area give their patients a substance called- ‘levadopa’ as a substitute for dopamine and in the cases this drug produces a series of negative side effects.

The most suggested treatment is taking minerals taking minerals, B complex vitamins, vitamin C and E and lecithin (contained in egg yolk and soy beans). Brewer's yeast and wheat germ contain B complex vitamins.

You can also go for the natural products of Forever Living which are natural food supplements: 

forever living products for parkinson disease
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