Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to Get Rid of Gastric, Colitis, Ulcer- Symptoms,Causes,Treatment

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Gastric and ulcer problem
Gastritis or Gastric is the swelling and irritation of the stomach membranes and colitis is the swelling of the colon membranes. An ulcer is the irritation in the stomach wall.

Actually, Gastric ulcer is a wound in the stomach walls or in the small intestine.

During the gastritis you will have the bad digestion, vomiting, headaches, a burning sensation and discomfort. In the case of an ulcer, a discomfort or pain is left in the pit of the stomach. On the other hand, if alcohol or hot peppers are ingested, the pain will increase two or three hours later.

With severe ulcers an acidic vomiting or bleeding can occur. The excrement may be clack in color from the
blood in it.

Main Causes: It has been found that excess coffee and alcohol, fried and spicy dishes and excessive stress are the main causes behind the Gastritis and Ulcer. When gastritis persists it causes gastric ulcers. It is also caused by an infection due to bacteria (Helicobacter Pylori).

Suggested Treatment: 
  1. Avoid spices, hot peppers (chili), alcohol and coffee, fried and other irritating dishes as well. 
  2. The follow food habit is recommended- Milk, Cream, Cheese, bananas. Some bland foods like hard boiled eggs, boiled potatoes and pasta soups with crackers are also recommended. 
  3. Try to have separate small meals instead of having few large ones. 
  4. Drinking pure Aloe Vera Gel is also recommended. 
  5. Eat a diet high in fiber, lots of steamed vegetables and low fat diet foods.
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  1. This blog is a great source of information for me. Thank you very much for giving me such important information.
    Dr. James Meschino

  2. Very nice blog,Gastritis or Gastric is stomach related syndrome, you need proper diet to avoid the deadly pain if condition worsen then the patient becomes victim of peptic ulcer.

  3. People should know "how much food should I eat?", eating strong spices foods like spicy curries, black peppers, chili peppers and mustard, may suffer from stomach ulcers.

  4. what should i eat to not have gastric n i feel very uncomfrtable wen my gases turns to come out from my ass

    1. Instead, it may come out through your mouth too!

    2. Thanks for this blog I gathered lot of information about health

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