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"All Dreams Begin Somewhere" Forever Living Products International, Inc. was founded in 1978 on little more than dream and hard work. It is now a multi-billion dollar company, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, that manufactures and sells dozens of wellness and beauty products.The company was ranked #340 in the Forbes list of the 400 largest private companies in 2006. For over 33 years FLP has dedicated itself to seeking out nature’s best sources for Health and Beauty and sharing them with the world. Founded in 1978, FLP rewrote the book on how to put nature’s best sources for health to work for you. Our complete family of Aloe Vera Drinks, Skin Care products and Cosmetics brings the remarkable properties of Aloe to the entire body. Add to that our full line of Nutritional Supplements and products from the Bee Hive, and you have a complete system for naturally achieving better health and beauty.

The story of Forever Living Products begins with one man and an ambitious dream. For years, Rex Maughan had been searching for a business idea that would bring together the two biggest goals in his life – better health and financial freedom. In 1978 he found what he was looking for and invited 43 people to attend the first ever FLP meeting in Tempe, Arizona. From this single event, a journey was launched that has lead to unimaginable Business success.

Forever Living quickly grew from one man’s dream into the dream of millions. The caliber of our products and the simplicity of our business plan meant that anyone who wanted to could improve their quality of life. Some started out as customers in search of better health products, and then grew from satisfied customers to FLP entrepreneurs; others saw the business potential immediately and began building a successful organization. Whatever their reasons for getting involved, the results were the same. Their success grew, and they helped others become healthier and wealthier. Today, over 33 years later, FLP has over 9.7 million distributors in over 150 countries around the world.

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Head Office of Forever Living Products in Arizona


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''Forever Living offers a unique opportunity where distributors are in business for themselves, but never by themselves.''
                                                   - Rex Maughan

Rex Maughan is the Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors and the CEO of Forever Living Products International. The Forever Business that Rex launched from a two-room office has spiraled upwards to having expanded over many countries and exceeding over $2.6 Billion in retail sales.Despite the phenomenal success he has achieved, Rex remains a down-to-earth, humble person; he remembers the people and places that have touched his life over the years. Wherever he goes he enjoys the culture and people and this makes it the great company that it is today. He believes by participating in the fun and solidarity of each country, a person can gain greater appreciation of the diverse and exciting world in which we live. 

With over forty years of inspirational leadership and sound management principles, Rex Maughan has dedicated most of his life to helping people achieve what they want in life. As an alumnus of ASU Business School, Rex has built a group of economic-proof companies that spans the globe.

Rex is Chairman of the Board and CEO of the FOREVER group of companies that touches disciplines that range from direct sales, agriculture, manufacturing, leisure, property, livestock and charities. Rex has achieved remarkable success in many fields of life over the years, and describes success as “A willingness to dream, hard work, consistent goods and services, team building and absence of debt”. He also believes that nothing is achieved alone, and at FLP it is no exception, as our success is dependent upon our ability to put together a remarkable team of trustworthy, loyal and talented people. In simple words Rex can be described as a self-made, hardworking, intelligent, principled person who loves people and especially his distributors. 

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Rex Maughan

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