Sunday, July 29, 2012

Are you buying 100% Aloe Vera contained products or only 10%

There are many Aloe Vera products in the market today. But, did you know that most of the Aloe Vera products that you buy may be misrepresenting how much Aloe Vera Gel is actually contained in the products?

You would be surprised to know that according to the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) a manufacturer can legally have only two tablespoon of Aloe Vera in one LITRE OF WATER and still call it 100% pure Aloe Vera contained Product.

So, next time you see the product that says “100 Aloe Vera” check the label of IASC carefully. Because IASC (International Aloe Science Council) is the organization that clarifies Aloe Vera products that display true Aloe Vera content and literature.

International Aloe Science Council
IASC has developed the process for certifying all Aloe Vera products that meet their high standards. First of all, companies that manufacture Aloe Vera products or farmers that grow Aloe Vera apply to be certified by the IASC. Then the IASC runs testing and auditing on the Aloe Vera products, formulas and actual Aloe Vera plant used. If all is true and perfect, they get the IASC Seal of Certification.

Any Aloe Vera product that gets the IASC seal of certification is ensured and promised that the labeling of the Aloe Vera products is true and the Aloe Vera content listed is true. It also means that, the Aloe Vera product contains a quality of Aloe that meets the IASC standards and also comes from a certified source.

IASC Certified Aloe Vera Gel
Forever Living Products is the world leader of producing Aloe Vera products and all Aloe Vera products are certified by IASC. You will find the IASC Seal of Certification on every Aloe Vera products of us. The IASC recommends that, you only purchase Aloe Vera products that have its Seal of Certification. This is for both your Health and Satisfaction.

Buy 100% Pure Aloe Vera Products Certified by IASC. 


  1. The difference between real aloe vera with Forever Living, and cheaper products is enormous. Our customers appreciate the quality of products aloe vera and the IASC certificate confirms it. Greetings from Polish store with aloes products.

  2. Takmzgadza sie aloe vera jest świetny na wszelkie dolegliwości. Szczególnie aloes forever living products


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