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Production Procedure of Aloe Vera Products: Forever Living

Forever Living's Factory
As you have come to know from my previous posts, Forever Living Products is manufacturing the world’s  best Aloe Vera Products for more than 30 years from my previous posts. Forever Living Products follows the standard and best ways for Aloe Vera Plantation and Producing the Aloe Vera Products. Not only the Aloe Vera Products but also every products they follow the standards and best ways.

Today I am going to share the information about How Forever Living Products Manufactures the Aloe Vera Products. They follow 7 basic steps to reach their Aloe Vera Products to End Consumers.

Cultivation of aloe vera
1. Cultivation: After about 3 years of careful cultivation each leaf is gently removed from the plant by Hand. Once the mature leaf is removed, it is quickly transported for the processing so that the Gel remains in its freshest and purest form.

2. Cleaning & Extraction: The leaves undergo a thorough cleaning process, bathed several times in cool water and given a high-pressure wash. Any remaining debris is removed and the leaves are inspected for defects. The final leaves are then filleted for the pure Gel. The skin is recycled back into the earth.

stabilization for aloe vera gel
3. Stabilization: Forever Living’s Patented Gel Extraction System separates the clear aloe gel from the outer  leaf. The pure aloe gel is collected in stainless steel containers. Then, it immediately goes through a Patented Stabilization Process that protects it from Oxidation and seals in its Natural Potency. Forever Living owns numerous Aloe Stabilization Patents and can assure you of the highest quality products.

4. Testing: After stabilization, the Gel undergoes extensive laboratory testing and analysis to ensure purity & consistency. Once the aloe gel has been tested & approved, it is transported to Aloe Vera of America in Dallas. Finally, Forever Living performs a series of micro-biological and quantitative testing by their professional staff of scientists & lab technicians.

filling aloe vera gel to bottle
5. Filling: Forever Living' new state of the art $2.8 Million Aloe Vera bottling line fills bottles to an accurate  level, running at high speeds. They can produce as many as 300 bottles/minute, 18,000 bottles/ hour or 250,000 bottles/day. This is fully automated and provides for an in-line, 100% inspection of each bottle after each critical step of the process. The bottles are printed with a lot number and pass through a sanitizing device to mitigate any possible physical or microbial contamination.

sealing the logo of Forever Living Products
6. Sealing: The new production line incorporates a sealing device  integrated with the filling machine. The foil  seals are punched from a sheet, formed into caps and are sealed on the bottles immediately after they are filled, before exiting the filler’s sanitary environment. The bottles are individually weighed, pass through a leak detection system, are capped and then pass through an X-Ray machine to check for foreign contaminants.
Packaging of Aloe Vera Products
 7. Packing: Each minute, 25 cases are erected by the case packing robot. The robot gently places the bottles into the case boxes - four cases, 48 bottles at a time. Then, the cases are taped and weighed to ensure they contain 12 bottles per case.

Palleting the Products of Forever Living8. Palletizing: Next, the cases move to the Palletizing Robot which stacks  the cases onto the pallet in a pattern that is pre-programmed. This is a big improvement for the safety of our employees, who no longer have to hand-stack each pallet. Finally, the finished pallets move to the stretch-wrapping device and are ready for transport into the warehouse.

9. Shipping: Forever Living Products ships hundreds of  containers every month. In fact, they are one of the largest exporters in the southern U.S., shipping 3,200+ containers per year! These containers are sent to over 150 countries worldwide providing people - just like you - with what they know to be the very best health products in the world.

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