Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aloe Vera- How It Works?

After understanding Aloe Vera and its elements, let us take a look at how Aloe works. Not many are aware that Aloe can be taken internally along with its external application.

Aloe Works Externally:

The molecular structure of the Aloe is so small, that it can penetrate through the top layers of the skin all the way upto the last layer. Epidermis is the top layer followed by dermis and the bottom layer is called hypodermis. Aloe has an element called “Lignin” which helps it to penetrate right down to the cellular level. It also has another element called “Saponin” which works as a natural cleansing agent. Both these elements working in conjunction reach the cellular level of the skin and eliminate the toxins from the skin layers to the surface and eventually out of the system. 
How Aloe Vera Works

In addition to this, it also nourishes the skin and replenishes it with the much needed nutrition that it requires. Diagram (A) shows the three different layers of the skin and the working of the aloe externally. Aloe is said to work from the “inside -out”- it means that it penetrates internally and removes or cleanses all the toxins and eliminates them from the system. 

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