Sunday, August 14, 2011

What are you Dreaming about?

Dream of Success
There is a saying of Victor Hugo, “There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” Let’s come to the real world and real life experience. In your life how do you like to see your upcoming future? What is your plan to set up the life? Is it going to be a well-established person or is it going to get a gorgeous home? Do you have any plan to get freedom to spend quality time with loved ones or to travel the world and explore various cultures and history? Or going to get enough money to be out of debt?  Maybe you dream of having the time and enough money to contribute to worthy causes. Unfortunately if you do not have any dream yet then it is never too late to pick one! It has been seen that being old has nothing to do with the age. You are not aged until you stop dreaming. The top secret to an enthusiastic, positive and triumphant life is to follow a dream!

All right, let’s assume you have a dream, and you look forward to get it! Now it is a burning question, how are you going to get it? What is your plan to reach there? Let’s talk about a few possibilities of gaining that.

By your luck at first time you could win a lottery and have all the money you require to fulfill dream. Perhaps but the possibility is so far-off that, if you bought a lottery ticket every week, you could expect to win the jackpot every quarter-million years. Though it is not a very good plan if you want your dream in this life span!

Are you going to get a job with a recognized company (maybe like General Motors?) and work for 50 years? The fact is, when you will work for someone else, you are going to have a very little control over your future. You are at the compassion of lay-offs, wage freezes, corporate take-overs or may be bankruptcies, boss that does not have your interests at the top of his concerns…anyway, you have the picture. For a person with a big dream this kind of job is not a perfect one.

On the other hand you have thought of a franchise business. Well, if you are able to raise from 250,000 to 6 million dollars to pay the franchise fee then this can be the way to fulfill your dream. Though, it has a huge amount of challenges such as: making sure that your employees show up for work; salary payment, wages, employee facilities, rent & utilities…in the case there is a good possibility you will become so pissed off with administrative headaches that you will have little time to get pleasure from your profits.

How about starting your own business? Just consider, additionally to the administrative headaches connected with a franchise, you have the extra responsibility of marketing. In other meaning, not only just making sure your business pleases your clients but also you must get people to walk through the door in the first place.

However you could forgo the plan of owing a business and invest in other businesses that way, you can make your dream without the limitation of time and headaches. Now this sounds like a better plan to apply! But wait a minute, this requires money to start up and somewhat probably you do not have enough money to invest. As a matter of fact, isn’t that the cause we are now just considering a plan in the first step: to earn enough money to reach your dream?

There is one more plan I would like you to consider. This one is reachable to just about everybody and has some significant benefits over the other plans we have considered before. I would like you to consider the Forever Living’s plan. What’s the Plan?

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