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Aloe Vera - From Nature to You

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Forever Living is the world leader of manufacturing Aloe Vera Gel. People around the world get the pure Aloe Vera only from Forever Living. Wherever you are its possible to experience the pure aloe vera gel (Barbadensis Miller). Whether you are the first consumer or going to be a regular customer, you can be sure this product (Aloe Vera Gel) has reached you in perfect condition. 

In fact, we are so confident enough about the quality of our products that they all come with 30 days money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the product in any way, then you can keep the bottle of Aloe Vera Gel and speak to the distributor that supplied you, for money back.

Like orange juice, Aloe Vera is non-toxic pure natural drink. Although it has been used by man for centuries for maintaining good health, most people are still discovering its benefits. You may be trying it for the first time or will try, so I would like to answer some of the most common questions which people ask about drinking Aloe Vera Gel, Bits n’ Peaches, Aloe Berry Nectar or Forever Freedom.

How Much Should I Drink Aloe Vera Gel?

Drinking amount of Aloe Vera Gel depends on your reasons for drinking. As with other nutritional supplements, some people take a small amount of aloe each morning about 2fl oz (60ml) – to keep their general intake for specific reasons when they might drink up to 6fl oz (180ml) or more in a day. The average amount is about 4fl oz (120ml) per day.

Some people, such as the elderly, need less amount of aloe vera gel, whereas those who are larger structured need more. Note that ‘Serving Size’ 8fl oz oriented on the side of the bottle is for means that 8fl oz is a recommended amount to drink aloe vera gel in one serving.

Can I mix it with anything else?

Yes you can, if you really do not like the taste, then try mixing it with pure fruit juice, cordial or honey that will make your drink more tasty or if you need aloe vera with flavor then you can try Bits n’ Peaches.

When is the best time to drink Aloe Vera Gel?

I would recommend you to take an Aloe Vera Gel on an empty stomach first thing in the morning to acquire the maximum benefit. After drinking the Aloe Vera Gel you can go ahead and have your tea/coffee or breakfast.

When should I feel some benefits out of Aloe Vera Gel?

I think that few people will feel prominent benefits before 6 weeks; I would recommend you to take it for a trial period of at least 3 months to make it effective.

How should I store the Aloe Vera Gel?

As with most natural foods, once you have opened the bottle of gel, it should be stored in the fridge with the cap strongly closed. Of course, during storage, the natural pulp will patch up, so you should always shake the bottle before drinking that. Note that the date embossed on the bottle of the container is the bottling date of that. The ‘use by’ date is on a label on the top.

Aloe Vera Gel, Bits n’ Peaches, Aloe Berry Nectar and Forever Freedom are only part of our unique range of health, beauty and skincare products. For further information about Aloe Vera Gel or any other items in our product range I will be delighted to help you. So feel free to Knock Me

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