Sunday, June 5, 2011

Forever Living's Aloe Vera - "Guarantee of Quality"

Alt textForever Living Products and with our associates are the world’s largest grower and distributor of Aloe Vera. We possess farms of Aloe Vera in the USA and the Caribbean – both prime growing climates. We can assure you the high quality of aloe vera because we only produce the best type of aloe which is Barbadensis Miller. Therefore we can tell you exactly how and where our aloe was grown and processed. For example, we know and can assure you that no pesticides or herbicides are used in our aloe vera fields and also in out products.

  • Forever Living controls the entire procedure, from sorting which leaves are ripe for harvest, right through to the storage temperature after bottling process. We are not dependent on any other suppliers.
  • Our aloe vera gel is extorted from freshly harvested, mature leaves and stabilized to protect its vital nutritional content within hours. The stabilization method is patented by Forever’s’ founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Rex Maughan.
  • No artificial flavoring or coloring is added to our aloe vera gel. As there are many harvests during the course of the year, color and taste may vary.
  • It has been known for some companies to add bleaching agents to their aloe vera gel to keep the color consistent on the shelves, all year long. We firmly believe that the color is natural and healthy for all.
  • Although a large number of proportion of aloe vera gel is naturally composed of water, anybody seeing the raw gel will know that it is not a thin clear liquid. Our harvested aloe vera gel is not homogenized or filtered. Our aloe vera drinks have a rich pulp, which settles and contains much of the goodness of aloe vera which is essential in our daily diets.
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